Don's Club

Become a Don’s Club member! It’s easy and saves you BIG money.

Here’s how it works: Have 5 items cleaned with Don’s Leather and you automatically become a Don’s Club member. Then, we’ll clean your 6th item for FREE! That’s right, every 6th item is cleaned FREE! That’s up to $120.00 in savings. Whether you send one at a time or six (or more) at once, you automatically become a Don’s Club member after your 5th cleaning. Plus, besides getting your 6th item, you get FREE RETURN SHIPPING on all of your future cleaning . You just deduct $10.00 off the listed price on our Shipping Form for every item sent in.

Don’s Club membership has its privileges:
  • FREE cleaning on every 6th item.
  • FREE return shipping on all future apparel, footwear and handbags starting with your 6th item.
  • No membership fees, No membership cards. Just have 4 items cleaned and you are in the club
  • All of your cleaning records will be kept and tracked under your name and telephone number
  • Quality old-world craftsmanship with a 100% workmanship guarantee
Get started on Your Don’s Club Membership now by filling out “Don’s Easy Shipping Form”, placing it in the box with your item(s) and send it. That’s it!!
Don’s Club Membership is an exclusive benefit for our loyal, repeat mail order customers. Make your way to being a Don’s Club member by not only having your items cleaned and color restored, but also your family members’, friends’ or co-workers’. We will keep a count of the items sent under your name and return each of them with a detailed receipt.

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